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Welcome To Homespun Hot Tubs


Welcome to Blog at Homespun Hot Tubs. From time to time, we’ll talk about water quality and the best
ways to keep your hot tub water perfect, the latest and best hot tub technology and systems, and other
products or services offered at our shop. For now, I’d like to talk to about our shop, who we are, and
why we feel that Homespun Hot Tubs is the best choice in buying or servicing a hot tub.

Homespun Hot Tubs is a newly formed company with new owners, new management, and a dedication
to providing the best service, with honesty, when buying or servicing our hot tub. While we are in the
same location as now-closed Homespun Comforts & Outdoor living, we are not the same company and
whether you had a good or bad experience with the other company, we ask that you give us a chance to
prove ourselves to you. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the experience.

So, what makes us a better company?

First, we recognize that we are the only hot tub company in Pagosa Springs. But we don’t take that for
granted and we work hard to be the best company. So, instead of hearing someone say, “you’ll have to
call Homespun, they are the only ones in town,” we’re working hard to hear “call Homespun, they’re the
best in Southern Colorado.”

Second, Homespun has a full-time, well trained, Service Manager. We understand the challenges of
fixing a hot tub and the need to assess the problem, order the correct parts, and repair your tub as
quickly as possible, by a competent and courteous technician. Servicing your tub is as important to us
and it is to you.

Third, our shop is well stocked with the best chemicals, filters, and other supplies you’ll need to care for
your tub. In the past, it’s been frustrating to walk into a shop to buy chlorine, only to be told they’re out
of stock and that you’ll have to buy poor quality chemicals form another store. How frustrating.
Homespun Hot Tubs is dedicated to always being well-stocked with all of your needed supplies.
Finally, in 2023, Homespun Hot Tubs will begin to having our most popular hot tub models in stock and
ready to purchase with delivery within a week. We will be re-designing our showroom so you can view,
touch and possibly even soak in a tub before you buy. Look forward to our showroom change in the late

Thanks again for visiting Homespun Hot Tubs. Give us a call or come into our showroom. We look
forward to meeting you.

Stuart Scull